Why iN is Only Meeting at 11AM During the Super Bowl

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iN and the Superbowl

Jesus is more important than football. There. We said it.

The local church, the body of Christ, is more important than football too. However, there are few events more valuable for mission than the Super Bowl, which has quickly morphed into a national holiday (yet for some reason we still have to work on Monday!) marked by junk food, yelling, big screen TV’s and congregating with friends, coworkers and neighbors that you would never normally see on a Sunday. Back in the day (two weeks ago), when iNVERSION only had an evening service, Super Bowl Sunday was the most frustrating day of the year. As an evening service constantly being viewed as spiritual extra-credit, being the only church community cancelling our service made us feel like we were purposely invalidating ourselves and elevating an event over the gathering of believers on the Lord’s day.

An 11AM service solves this problem…for most people. We know that some people can only come on Sunday nights (and others enjoy the pregame more than the game itself…you’re on your own there). But consider this: iNVERSION PM was never meant to stay on the campus of Valley Community Church. The point of our evening service has always been mission, which is why we are raising funds for an offsite venue which will host  an iNVERSION service as well as art galleries, concerts, and Inkling’s Coffee & Tea open 7 days a week.  Maybe even Super Bowl parties! iNVERSION is not and will never be about filling up a Sunday with as many services as possible. iNVERSION is about taking the gospel to a world that has had its heart broken by idols. So, will you join us on Sunday? Will you join us for an extra-packed 11AM service filled with good coffee, gospel preaching and singing to our Savior who provides us with a more fulfilling victory than any football team could? Will you join us in having a Super Bowl party with your comGroup and inviting friends and coworkers who may not know the grace of our Truer & Greater Savior? We hope you will steward this ministry opportunity well by actively seeking to connect people to the joy-filled life of the church.

And go Niners! Oh wait…

Dane Olney

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Dane Olney is joyfully married to his high school sweetheart Brittany and they have a son named Levi. He is the Discipleship Pastor of VCC and is pursuing an MDiv in Christian Ethics from Fuller Theological Seminary.

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