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Expect AM Launch

At iNVERSION, we are ecstatic about January 19th.  Like, really, really, really ecstatic.  To us, it represents both a thrilling new beginning and a satisfying culmination of what God has been doing for the last four years.  It’s a bit like completing the most grueling climb of your life—in preparation for a base jump.  For four years, iNVERSION has been meeting every Sunday evening with a clear mission: to make gospel-centered disciples for the glory of God.  May sound complicated, but the methodology has been simple: proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, sing songs to Jesus Christ and meet together to during the week because of Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ.  The God-man whose brutal death meant our eternal life truly has us smitten.  He has won our hearts.

Statistically, Sunday night services do not work.  They are inconvenient for young families, viewed as optional, spiritual extra-credit to church-goers and often confusing for the unchurched.  Luckily, God doesn’t depend on favorable statistics for His work.  Through simple proclamation and celebration of the gospel, we have seen lives transformed and the miraculous formation of a vulnerable, bustling, incarnational and intergenerational community.  And now we have the best of problems: we don’t fit.

This is why we are opening up an 11AM service in the main sanctuary of Valley Community Church: to tell more people about Jesus Christ.  We have very good news to tell.  Perhaps the coolest part of all of this is that we are opening up a service in place of an existing service at Valley Community Church, which iNVERSION is a part of.  That means more visible unity in the body of Christ…and new family members!  We cannot express how important it is that as many regular iNVERSION members as possible come Sunday morning to show our new friends who are experiencing some major changes in their Sunday service the welcoming love that God has shown us in Christ (Romans 15:7).

What should you expect Sunday morning?  We encourage you to come 30 minutes early to check out the brand new Inkling’s Coffee & Tea bar in the foyer (pay whatever you want) for artisan, pour-over coffee served by one of our volunteer baristas.  At 11:00 we will begin the service by singing two songs before taking 10 minutes for a part of the service that we call the iN Time to grab coffee and get to know one another.  It’s a brand new service and there are new people every week so please do not be nervous about the iN Time!  It is our way of making sure that you are noticed and cared for.  We are not here to put on a show, but to meet together as the family of God.  It it’s a little awkward at first that just means that we are succeeding at being a family!  After iN Time, we will have a very brief announcement and then launch into an accessible yet challenging, gospel-centered sermon that usually runs about 45 minutes.  We will then take communion as a family and sing a couple more songs, one of which was written for the 1 John series by members of our staff.  After the service Inklings will be open for another 30 minutes for conversation and community time.  We also encourage you to go out to lunch with some friends and celebrate the launch, the gospel and new friendships over good food. (You may have noticed that we are a people who like to eat together!)

The last message of 1 John is a perfect time to come to iNVERSION for the first time.  It will allow you to get a feel for the service and the community and even give you the opportunity to join a comGroup (comGroups are our groups scattered throughout the Bay Area that meet together to study the Scriptures from the previous week, have fellowship and serve their neighborhood) before we kick off our new series the following week, Hebrews: Truer & Greater.  On that note, we have a very special surprise gift for you all on January 26th as well…but now we are getting ahead of ourselves.  Again, we are really, really, really ecstatic for January 19th.  We hope you are too.

Can’t wait to see you there,

The iNVERSION Leadership Team

Our new service is at 11AM at 4455 Del Valle Parkway in Pleasanton, CA.  It will be held in the main sanctuary.


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