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How Deep?

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Calvin Harris and Stuart Townend were both born across the pond, are alive, and write songs. That's about where the comparison ends. You know Calvin Harris because you heard that "I Found Love" song featuring Rihanna roughly 3.2 million times on the radio. Harris actually surpassed Michael Jackson for the most top ten songs on one studio album on the UK Singles Chart, so it sounds like he's a pretty big deal. Stuart Townend, on the other hand, is older and writes songs that are much less dance-y; he wrote In Christ Alone back in 2002, which you've sang if you've been to church more than five times (I know, I thought that song was written in like 1561, too). He also wrote my favorite hymn, How Deep the Father's Love for Us, back in 1995. If you haven't heard it, scroll to down to the bottom and give it a listen. It's absolutely breathtaking. But why are we talking about this? Well, Calvin Harris released a song last month with the artist Disciples called How Deep is Your Love (embedded below) that peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart and number five on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. I was driving home listening...
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